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Links of the Week

Since the summer started, I’ve been compiling a list of urls that I’ve been meaning to go back and read. Stuff people have shown me at work, interesting finds on reddit, etc. Figure I’d share them with the world. I might start doing this every week.

View your unread gmail emails in 4 keystrokes [FIREFOX]
Summary: Old browser hack article from 2007 explaining how to view your unread gmail emails quickly.

Achieve cross-browser functionality with HTML5 and CSS3
Summary: Good Introduction article to HTML5 and CSS3 styling across browsers.

FCC commissioner leaves for Comcast
Summary: Article about how the FCC Commissioner is resigning her post to take a VP job with Comcast, a company that she  is supposed to be regulating. Corruption!?!

11 Ted Talks every web developer must watch
Summary: Pretty sure the title says it all. I still haven’t watch them yet. :-s

Going paper free for under $200
Summary: Blog post on what it takes to go paper free. Would love to do this when i go back to school.

I think 5 is a good number. More next week.